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Newbies : 60 Topics
Hello  7 Posts
I just wanted to say hello to all on that forum. I am new here, my..
Last post on 22-4-2017 at 01:02 
Boilerhouse  10 Posts
Hi, I'm considering making a (first) trip to the Boiler House, probably aroun..
Last post on 16-4-2017 at 23:40 
First Time Experience  12 Posts
What were guys / Women first experience like with same sex partner. Im Curious..
Last post on 25-3-2017 at 19:48 
Hi All, New To This  8 Posts
Hey everybody, newbie to all this hoping to chat and get to know some new peopl..
Last post on 15-12-2016 at 18:51 
Enjoying The Adventure  5 Posts
Hi There, Im looking forward to hearing from anyways... ..
Last post on 6-12-2016 at 02:19 
Hello Folks, Want To Say Hello  6 Posts
Hi all, After years of burying it i finally got it off my chest. I would like t..
Last post on 27-10-2016 at 20:14 
New Here, Saying Hi  7 Posts
Hey all, new sign up here just saying hello. I used to browse this site yeeeeea..
Last post on 24-8-2016 at 05:08 
Layby Meets??    66 Posts
Evening all! I am a long time member here but never use the boards!! Thought I ..
Last post on 19-4-2016 at 14:40  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
Very New, And Not Quite Sure What's Going On!  2 Posts
Hey everybody, as the heading says I'm a total newbie to this ..
Last post on 5-3-2016 at 11:40 
Young Ts Saying Hi!  15 Posts
Hey everyone, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm lisa currently living in Ga..
Last post on 18-2-2016 at 16:53  [1] 
New To The Site Looking For Midlands Peepes  5 Posts
Hi, Just moved to Mullingar with BF from abroad after being..
Last post on 9-2-2016 at 09:41 
The New Guy!  16 Posts
Hey just joined today, seems like a decent forum and a way to meet and chat wit..
Last post on 9-1-2016 at 12:36  [1]  [2] 
New To The Neighborhood...  13 Posts
Been looking through different topics and threads on this for a while now and ..
Last post on 21-10-2015 at 17:21 
Such Travellin' Eire. Much Friends Woof.  9 Posts
Hello. Just roaming across this beautiful country, looking to..
Last post on 16-4-2015 at 21:46 
Making Discreet Payments On Gaire  6 Posts
i would love to join this site but im separating from my wife, i ..
Last post on 18-1-2015 at 23:03 
Looking For Gym Buddy    2 Posts
hi all, new to this site, looking for a gym buddy. only starting out but don't..
Last post on 29-12-2014 at 15:43 
Please Be Gentle    36 Posts
Ah, who am I kidding, I like the rough Great to be here. Looking forward to p..
Last post on 19-7-2014 at 22:39  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Hi Everyone  11 Posts
Hi everyone, been interested in the site for ages so decided to join, currentl..
Last post on 4-7-2014 at 20:28 
Get This...    32 Posts
Just been informed by a newbie, whom I won't name, that I'm a "bloody time wa..
Last post on 26-5-2014 at 18:01  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Hi All  4 Posts
Hi Girls New here just saying hi
Last post on 6-1-2014 at 18:54 
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