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Computers, Tech & Net : 323 Topics
Help! My ISP Thinks I'm Italian...  2 Posts
Hello chaps, I wonder if any techy minded folk know how I can fix my problem wi..
Last post on 21-9-2011 at 21:04 
Do Staff Put You Off Buying Offline?  9 Posts
A recent survey showed that a lot of people shop online for luxury items because..
Last post on 18-9-2011 at 19:54 
When Science Fiction Predicts Reality  10 Posts
Recently, Kepler-16b was discovered. It is a planet that gravitates around 2 su..
Last post on 17-9-2011 at 18:23 
Incredible Technologies  10 Posts
A thread for incredible technologies? gusJeslMbLc
Last post on 17-9-2011 at 14:36 
Gaire App Needed For Android  21 Posts
Does anyone find Gaire really annoying on their mobile? The text is very slow an..
Last post on 14-9-2011 at 12:45  [1]  [2] 
Inedible Cookies  24 Posts
So, what's the story with these cookies on this site. What are they al about, ..
Last post on 6-9-2011 at 21:33  [1]  [2] 
Have You Ever Reported Suspect/Illegal Content?    6 Posts
There is a site where suspicious/illegal content can be reported: https://www.ho..
Last post on 4-9-2011 at 22:39 
I Searched... And See What I Found!  4 Posts
Sometimes searching the Internet can return some unexpected results. This threa..
Last post on 1-8-2011 at 09:22 
Mac OSX Lion  6 Posts
For those interested in Apple Mac, the new OS, "Lion" is expected to appear on..
Last post on 20-7-2011 at 23:03 
Google Realtime    31 Posts
I've just noticed this on my Google searches. It shows you real time Twitters ba..
Last post on 17-7-2011 at 22:05  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Internet Robbery  15 Posts
It's robbery I tells ya! Have you come across expensive internet on your travel..
Last post on 5-7-2011 at 14:36  [1] 
New Eircom Routers (Zyxel Model)  7 Posts
Anyone else got one of these pieces of crap? Port forwarding on them is imposs..
Last post on 23-6-2011 at 19:55 
Addicted To Being Connected...  24 Posts
I just read about this here: I'm not nearly as bad as the p..
Last post on 30-5-2011 at 13:03  [1]  [2] 
LA Noire  6 Posts
LA Noire is set to become on of the biggest games of 2011. Has anyone here playe..
Last post on 27-5-2011 at 14:29 
How Do You Upload A Video From Youtube Onto Gaire  10 Posts
Can anyone tell me how to upload a video onto gaire, i can barely turn a comput..
Last post on 24-5-2011 at 10:53 
Does Gaire Need A Revamp?      71 Posts
Just after coming back on to Gaire, I like it alot! but does it need a little r..
Last post on 18-5-2011 at 23:38  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
Lenovo C200 Idea Centre Or Similar(Decent Desktops For ...  2 Posts
I am in the process of gettign a new computer and I want to go back to a desktop..
Last post on 9-5-2011 at 18:13 
Static Shocks    46 Posts
I was at my dvd player last night. Went to put in a dvd and *snap* got a wee sho..
Last post on 30-4-2011 at 23:57  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
PigChamp Software  9 Posts
Has anyone used this software. Its for tagging pigs etc..
Last post on 27-4-2011 at 16:57 
Any Gaire People On Steam?  4 Posts
No - it's not some new drug slang, I was just wondering if any other gaire peop..
Last post on 21-4-2011 at 00:08 
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