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Love / Health
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Love / Health : 411 Topics
I Have A Bit Of A Weakness For Jockeys  18 Posts
Honestly, They usually look fab in their silks, always very slim, though thei..
Last post on 6-1-2016 at 20:11  [1]  [2] 
Baggot Street Clinic And The Very Rude Manager    27 Posts
Has anyone here ever met or had a bad experience from or with the very rude abru..
Last post on 27-12-2015 at 14:00  [1]  [2] 
Vaping Safer Than Smoking, Says Public Health England    31 Posts
Vaping is safer than smoking and could lead to the demise of the traditional cig..
Last post on 10-12-2015 at 22:41  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Coffee: Do You See Health Benefits (When Consumed ...  12 Posts
A number of studies seem to suggest that coffee, consumed in moderation, can h..
Last post on 7-12-2015 at 00:15 
I Went To The Doctor And Guess What She Told Me  22 Posts
Went to the doc today for an STI test and she asked me if I was gay. I told her ..
Last post on 3-12-2015 at 21:26  [1]  [2] 
HIV Self Testing Kits  7 Posts
The first legally approved HIV self-testing kit has gone on sale in the UK. The..
Last post on 3-12-2015 at 19:36 
Slowly Falling Apart - Getting Older    124 Posts
I remember reading somewhere that our body begins to decay at 30, it might not ..
Last post on 14-11-2015 at 12:22  [1]  [2] ... [8]  [9] 
Have You Ever Been To A Gay Wedding?  22 Posts
As gay marriage becomes law, there will be a surge in gay couples who have been..
Last post on 10-11-2015 at 02:17  [1]  [2] 
Back On Board  21 Posts
After closing my account last night the nice man from Gaire contacted me and ..
Last post on 8-11-2015 at 22:55  [1]  [2] 
Chronic Pain & How To Deal With It..  6 Posts
Title is self explanatory... how do you deal with it..?
Last post on 8-11-2015 at 13:02 
Dental Braces  12 Posts
Hi, I'm considering in finally getting braces on my teeth. After years of bei..
Last post on 6-11-2015 at 21:25 
Attitude Of Men    19 Posts
Haven't most men got a terrible attitude to transvestites. Like we are to..
Last post on 3-11-2015 at 08:36  [1]  [2] 
Eating Bacon Is As Dangerous As Smoking According To WHO ...  27 Posts
The World Health Organisation (WHO) will publish a report on Monday on the dange..
Last post on 28-10-2015 at 21:26  [1]  [2] 
Meeting In Hotels  12 Posts
I was in Dublin for the weekend, I arranged to meet a fella in the city cent..
Last post on 27-10-2015 at 23:02 
Dermatologist In Dublin?  2 Posts
Any one here ever visit a dermatologist I have problem skin and am thinking of ..
Last post on 26-10-2015 at 13:40 
Finding Someone Close To Home  1 Post
Looking for someone in west of Irl
Last post on 16-10-2015 at 22:20 
Who Wants To Be My Baby Momma? Yay Or Nay?      80 Posts
So, too many of my friend's are popping out and fathering little brats. I rea..
Last post on 13-10-2015 at 09:02  [1]  [2] ... [5]  [6] 
Most Attractive Nationality Living In Ireland.    57 Posts
I was in a taxi on Sunday night and had a Polish taxi driver. He was a babe, so..
Last post on 11-10-2015 at 00:32  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Make Drinking Whilst Pregnant Illegal      78 Posts
In the UK it will be illegal for a pregnant mother to drink if that daughter wit..
Last post on 23-9-2015 at 22:50  [1]  [2] ... [5]  [6] 
Treat Yo Self  3 Posts Tod..
Last post on 17-9-2015 at 06:56 
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