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Good Friday
# 121 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 14:29
Someone said :

That. Or most of them are addict that cannot stand the idea of spending a day without a drink, and should really question their drinking habit.
Not 100% of them, but most.

They may like to think they are teenagery rebels. But must have a drinking problem if they cannot spend a day without a tipple, or a week-end without a bottle.

There may be some that way but a lot of people have parties on Good Friday aswell. So that would explain half of the supermarkets being bought out on the Thursday.
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# 122 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 18:10
I could do with a good piece of chicken now... do I just bite the bullet and make it or will i go straight to hell......
# 123 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 19:31
Better to bite the chicken rather than the bullet, better the prospect of hell than a blown off mouth.
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