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Outed Anti-Gay Campaigners Thread (Roll Call).
# 76 : Monday 26-10-2015 @ 21:40
Update: Welcome to the list, Brent Randall.
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# 77 : Tuesday 27-10-2015 @ 00:27
Why are they all americans? Do we have any here?
# 78 : Tuesday 27-10-2015 @ 05:47
There is a Brazilian documentary that will expose the hipocrisy of many priests and the church itself.

Basically they used an actor to talk to and have virtual sex, via chat and video, with many priests in Brazil, some of them anti-gay, many of them married.

The trailer is in Portuguese but with English subtitles. It's a must watch, especially if you have a priest robe fetish!
# 79 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 22:10
# 80 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 00:41
# 81 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 00:52
Well, I hope he never gets out.

Vile waste of a sperm and egg.
# 82 : Thursday 16-11-2017 @ 19:47
Update: Welcome to the list Wes Goodman.
# 83 : Thursday 16-11-2017 @ 20:01
Had to google who Wes Goodman was since you didn't supply a link.
# 84 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 19:42
Someone said :
Had to google who Wes Goodman was since you didn't supply a link.

link is in the updated OP. I'll add them to the update posts too though

# 85 : Friday 17-11-2017 @ 21:00
It's amazing the people who are vehemently anti gay are actually gay.
# 86 : Sunday 19-11-2017 @ 12:16
Someone said :
It's amazing the people who are vehemently anti gay are actually gay.

Not really. If uou grow up in a community which is vehementally homophobic with tha addition of a repressive religion and then you find that you are in gay or bi. Well actually we don't have to imagine it because we know what it'like. You can be indoctrinated that being gay is a choice. So they choose not to be gay and to prove it and gain favour they become homophobic in public while living very active sex lives in private. They are hypocritical but really it is because of homophobia that they sre thay way.
I've long believed that most active homophobes are gay or bi. I mean why would you care if you're straight? I've no sympathy with those people but until being gay or bi is truly 'whatever' in everyone's mind. This will always happen.
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