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General Netflix Topic
# 301 : Monday 10-4-2017 @ 21:21
Someone said :
Anyone else watching 13 reasons why? I only discovered it last night and usually I'm not one to binge-watch a show, but i was up until 5am and got through half the season.

I might start watching a bit of this tomorrow.
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# 302 : Monday 10-4-2017 @ 21:32
The OA is absolutely brilliant. What a scene to finish series 1. Cant wait for 2.
# 303 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 11:32
I hope we see more of Emory Cohen this time - talk about dreamy.
# 304 : Wednesday 12-4-2017 @ 20:04
Someone said :
I hope we see more of Emory Cohen this time - talk about dreamy.

I love it Belinda. Such a great show.

Buck is my favourite though. Great character.
# 305 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 21:23
Someone said :
Crikey - Louis CK has aged a bit in his latest special. Just started watching it now. Will post a quick review later.

I didn't watch it until the end. Some of it was ropey and spun out. He's getting something like $20m for that one show from Netflix. I watched one of the Chapelle specials and enjoyed it a bit more but I had to fast forward through his bit on his wife's gay friends because it was so dated.

# 306 : Friday 14-4-2017 @ 22:59
Apparently Chapelle got 60m for 3 shows. I enjoyed his material but there are definitely some out-there moments.
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