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# 46 : Monday 26-3-2012 @ 20:39
Facebook now has this Friend and Acquaintance setting so you can set work, (if they add you) as an acquaintance and they can't see anything you don't want them to, including embarrassing photos and status updates etc.

I still wouldn't let work anywhere near my Facebook. It's private and only for my friends and family, because it's something for us to chat/share on, no-one else, unless we want them to be included.
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# 47 : Tuesday 27-3-2012 @ 14:44
no unless a condition of my employment
# 48 : Friday 30-3-2012 @ 01:00
Hmmm. If I was applying for a job and was asked for it:
"Sure, here's my code: keepyerfeckinjob."
# 49 : Friday 30-3-2012 @ 12:25
Absoloutely not. My private life is my private life. I can only imagine what they would be like to work for, if they ask you to do that.
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