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Lady GaGa
# 166 : Monday 7-10-2013 @ 23:04
Really like the cover. Does the job.
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# 167 : Thursday 10-10-2013 @ 10:01

full ARTPOP tracklist is as follows:

1. Aura
2. Venus
3. G.U.Y.
4. Sexxx Dreams
5. Jewels N' Drugs (ft. T.I., Too $hort, and Twista)
7. Do What U Want (ft. R. Kelly)
9. Swine
10. Donatella
11. Fashion!
12. Mary Jane Holland
13. Dope
14. Gypsy
15. Applause

# 168 : Thursday 10-10-2013 @ 10:57
Someone said :
Is there anything more amazing than this song?

Video Link :

An episode of blossom? At least there is no singing in that.
# 169 : Thursday 10-10-2013 @ 18:18
# 170 : Friday 11-10-2013 @ 09:02

Lady Gaga has announced that the next single from her upcoming album ARTPOP is called “Venus.” The follow-up to the current single “Applause,” which this week celebrates spending two months inside the top ten of Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, is set to hit airwaves on October 27th.

Written by Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow, and produced by Audrey Napoleon, “Venus” features lyrics as: “Take me to your planet, take me to your leader, take me to your Venus”.

Prior to making the announcement, Gaga revealed that the first 500,000 copies of ARTPOP will come with a special “once in a lifetime” cover from Jeff Koons. She wrote: “The first physical copies of ARTPOP are crafted with cut out of hot pink metallic and silver foil. The foiling represents the true design of the cover as imagined by the artist Jeff Koons, who have collaged the typography himself. They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind.”

ARTPOP arrives on November 11th.

# 171 : Friday 11-10-2013 @ 16:11
Someone said :

"...Gaga revealed that the first 500,000 copies of ARTPOP will come with a special “once in a lifetime” cover from Jeff Koons... They are once in a lifetime, one of a kind.”

...except there are half a million of them.
# 172 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 02:07
# 173 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 10:10
She's on X Factor this Sunday

Exclusive performace of her new single "Venus"
# 174 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 17:30
Just heard Do What You Want. Very terrible.
# 175 : Tuesday 22-10-2013 @ 18:11
Aye, boring typical and imo very similar to Christina Aguilera's Your Body.
# 176 : Wednesday 23-10-2013 @ 19:49
'Do What U Want' is now going to be the 2nd single. Orginally it was to be "Venus"

However due to overwhelming response, Gaga confirmed that the song will now serve as her official new single.

Fans were expecting to see the track - which climbed to number one on the UK iTunes store yesterday (October 22) - appear in today's midweek chart update, but it did not make the Top 40.

Offering a response to the absence, the Official Charts Company tweeted: "Want to know why Lady Gaga isn't in the #ChartUpdate? The label decided to release Do What U Want in a way that makes it chart-ineligible."

The announcement comes after the Official Charts Company changed their rules earlier this year to include instant grat tracks as part of their sales figures.

However, the free downloads would only be counted as long as pre-agreed criteria are adhered to.

'Do What U Want' serves as the follow-up to Gaga's recent single 'Applause', which was released back in August.

She is appearing on the X Factor results show this Sunday so we will have to wait and see which song she performs.

Video Link :
# 177 : Sunday 27-10-2013 @ 21:20
On tonight's X Factor results show:

Video Link :

Her and Mrs O seem to have kissed and made up
# 178 : Sunday 27-10-2013 @ 21:29
Awful songs. Good vocals - that's if they haven't been tampered with.
# 179 : Sunday 27-10-2013 @ 21:32
Someone said :
She's on X Factor this Sunday

Exclusive performace of her new single "Venus"

Venus, wasn't that a Bananarama hit?
# 180 : Sunday 27-10-2013 @ 21:42
Someone said :

Venus, wasn't that a Bananarama hit?

Yes, but that's the only similarity between their's and Gaga's song.

Video Link :
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