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Sugababes Are Back! Feat MKS!
# 46 : Tuesday 28-6-2016 @ 10:58
Someone said :

Says herself

You turn 33 this year......way too old for Sugababes
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# 47 : Wednesday 29-6-2016 @ 20:09
Was this thread necro-bumped, or are the Splendababes indeed back for the umpteen time?
# 48 : Wednesday 29-6-2016 @ 20:12
The original three Sugbabes are back.

I think Heidi should join them too as she was one of the longest serving members during all the different line ups
# 49 : Wednesday 29-6-2016 @ 20:13
Heidi was a witch.

They seem to have reclaimed their name too. Siobhan referred to them as The Sugababes as opposed to MKS recently.
# 50 : Monday 12-12-2016 @ 22:29

More promises that 2017 will see the Babes come back and slay anyone who looks at them!

They finally released a full version of "Boys" today or it leaked

Video Link :
# 51 : Tuesday 13-12-2016 @ 10:18
I thought you were the Iron Maiden/G&R/AC/DC, type of music fan?
# 52 : Sunday 29-1-2017 @ 15:59
So does that mean they can sing their old songs that were sung as Sugababes or the other Sugababes have bragging rights to those.
However I do think the old line up were way better and better voices but who knows now as they do not all really sing its all pre-recorded now and never live. But we shall see who reaches higher in the charts.
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