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Stunning Space Images (Part 2)
# 106 : Friday 30-1-2015 @ 17:23
And so the New Horizons mission to Pluto prepares for its close encounter with the dwarf planet this summer. It is heading out of our solar system permanently and my name is amongst the 400,000+ names on a CD rom aboard the spacecraft. Watch this space for the first close up images of Pluto!
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# 107 : Monday 2-2-2015 @ 16:20
NASA releases spectacular space images to celebrate 'Year of Light' etc ...
# 108 : Monday 9-2-2015 @ 17:27
NASA gives us an amazing look at the ‘dark’ side of the moon etc ...
# 109 : Monday 16-2-2015 @ 16:08
Solar flair: NASA mission provides mesmerizing images of the sun etc ...
# 110 : Thursday 5-3-2015 @ 16:19
Heard Leo Enright talking about a spacecraft reaching a tiny planet Ceres this morning on the radio.
I think tomorrow it arrives there.
# 111 : Thursday 5-3-2015 @ 22:21
Behold the dwarf planet Ceres, king of the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter...

This image was taken by the Dawn spacecraft as it prepares to enter orbit around Ceres for a close up study.
# 112 : Thursday 5-3-2015 @ 22:25
Ceres looks very like the moon. Except for the bright spots. Any idea what the bright spots are? Space junk maybe?
# 113 : Thursday 5-3-2015 @ 22:29
The bright spots on Ceres are intriguing.

We should get a definitive answer when Dawn goes into orbit. Current speculation is that they are freshly exposed ice from under Ceres's dusty surface either caused by a recent impact or cryovolcanism (ice volcanoes).

I hope it's cryovolcanism myself as this would mean that this little world is geologically active.

# 114 : Friday 6-3-2015 @ 00:07
# 115 : Thursday 12-3-2015 @ 14:46
# 116 : Thursday 12-3-2015 @ 15:15
That's a stunning image of Space you have there butters. Blank space.
# 117 : Thursday 12-3-2015 @ 15:19
Someone said :
That's a stunning image of Space you have there butters. Blank space.

You Tube videos are not transferring for me for some blasted reason.
# 118 : Wednesday 22-4-2015 @ 20:17
Hubble Telescope at 25: The Trials and Triumphs of a Space Icon

Hard to believe it's 25 years.

Film on NatGeo this week. etc ...
# 119 : Thursday 23-4-2015 @ 21:31

It’s the Hubble Space Telescope’s 25th birthday, and NASA has selected an official image to commemorate the day -- it is of the Westerlund 2, a stellar cluster with in excess of 3,000 stars, a bright gas cloud called Gum 29, and a distance from Earth of about 20,000 light-years. The image is spectacular to behold, and is joined by a video in which users can take a 3D journey into the massive star cluster, seeing it somewhat in the way they would if they were flying through it themselves.

more, etc ...

link to 3D Fly Thru etc ...
# 120 : Saturday 8-8-2015 @ 06:35

Typhoon Soudelor photographed from the International Space Station on Aug. 5, 2015 while the storm was traveling in the western Pacific. The Soyuz TMA-17M (left) and the Progress 60 (right) cargo craft are visible.

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