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Video Games - What Are You Playing Right Now?
# 526 : Friday 15-9-2017 @ 17:22
So I got a loan of Destiny from a pal because hes all over Destiny 2.

Just gonna settle down there to play it but it won't work. It says "no internet connection detected".

I don't have Broadband. I stream everything through my phone to my TV and don't use it very much anyway.

Do I seriously need to have Broadband to play a Playstation game? I admit I'm not techy but whats the story there does anybody know?
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# 527 : Friday 15-9-2017 @ 18:48
Yes its an online multiplayer shooter. You would also need a PS Plus subscription.

You kinda need broadband just to have the latest patches as many games are released in a terrible state.
# 528 : Friday 15-9-2017 @ 19:07
Cheers Thomas. Thats a pity.

People are always amazed at me when they find out I have no Broadband. I couldn't justify the extra e50 a month. I'd hardly use it.

Would Broadband make a difference to the quality of picture?
# 529 : Friday 15-9-2017 @ 20:18
Not as a rule but some games do need patches that significantly improve resolution, framerates and sometimes even contain extra content that isn't on the disk. No Mans Sky for example had a Day 1 patch that completely changed how the game was played.
# 530 : Tuesday 19-9-2017 @ 01:02
Maybe I should get Broadband.

Gave pal back Destiny. Thats a pity you have to be online. It says it on it in little print now that I checked. Everytime I buy a game I'll make sure it dosen't say that but needing Broadband will become more and more the norm with these games.

Pal was going on about tethering my phone to a hotspot and it would work. Easy as you may think too over the head for me.
# 531 : Wednesday 20-9-2017 @ 14:32
Yeah a lot of games nowadays release in a poor state that require fixes and patches weeks after release. It is kinda necessary to have an online connection.
# 532 : Thursday 5-10-2017 @ 15:03
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain. I've never played any of those games before so might get hooked. So far so good....
# 533 : Monday 13-11-2017 @ 14:26
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Cannot wait to get Assassins Creed Origin! I will get it during the week. The feedback is it is deadly! (Hope to god you don't need an online connection)
# 534 : Thursday 16-11-2017 @ 13:50
Just back home with Assassin's Creed Origins. Set in Egypt. Just setting it up now
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