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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum...
# 76 : Wednesday 2-9-2015 @ 14:35

When you're young and do something stupid, you're just being stupid. When you get older, you blame it on "old" age.....
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# 77 : Wednesday 2-9-2015 @ 17:26
While on work experience, the supervisor introduced me to a man and said that's Peter. However she said "and thats Peter", which made me think she was referring to a different man. I looked around to see the other "Peter" and asked where he was whereupon she explained it was the first man.

# 78 : Monday 21-9-2015 @ 21:29
Student housing is notoriously messy.
Whether on or off campus. Dorm rooms or rented flat.
Social status seemingly makes no difference; upper class or lower class
they're all a mess. Just look at David Cameron when he was in Oxford,
his digs were a proper pig sty.
# 79 : Tuesday 22-9-2015 @ 15:45
# 80 : Saturday 7-11-2015 @ 11:24
From my Quora feed this morning

One of my favorites, which I didn't hear but was written up in a magazine: a US pilot on approach into Heathrow in England was not used to getting his altimeter settings in millibars.
- United 123, Heathrow approach. Descend and maintain 4,000 feet, QNH 1023
- Heathrow approach, United 123. can we get that in inches?
- United 123, Heathrow approach. Descend and maintain 48,000 inches, QNH 1023.

# 81 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 21:29
Tonight I was at the atm and I put in the card to withdraw cash. Then my bag fell over and something fell out, causing me to bend down to pick it up. When I returned to the atm a few footsteps away to remove my card, this woman was standing there and I took out what I thought was my card but she grabbed it. I said its my card and she said no it's hers. She explained she thought I had already finished my transaction so she put her card in. When she pulled her card out it turned out mine was still in there. Bizarre

# 82 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 22:16
Did she knock your bag over, so she could skim your card?
# 83 : Wednesday 16-12-2015 @ 22:24
Someone said :
Did she knock your bag over, so she could skim your card?

Nope. It just fell over.
# 84 : Monday 25-4-2016 @ 10:45
Quiz Show 1000 Hearbeats is on the TV in the clinic waiting room. I've seen it all now.
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