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Bad News Thread
# 166 : Friday 29-4-2016 @ 00:26
Someone said :

Yes, that was awful. But it was 33 years ago - over a generation in the past. The following year Ann Lovett died in childbirth under a grotto in Longford. Ireland has changed almost beyond recognition since then - thankfully.

Only about four years from a young man was kicked to death for being gay in Tyrone.
He was followed home from work and attacked on the street he lived on..
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# 167 : Friday 6-1-2017 @ 20:36
At least 5 dead in airport shooting in the US etc ...

They managed nearly 6 full days without a mass shooting in the US this year!
# 168 : Friday 6-1-2017 @ 20:40
Someone said :

They managed nearly 6 full days without a mass shooting in the US this year!


# 169 : Friday 17-2-2017 @ 11:39
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