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External Drives/Technology
# 16 : Tuesday 19-6-2012 @ 23:20
down with the cloud!!!!
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# 17 : Tuesday 19-6-2012 @ 23:21
The funny things is, as obsessed with controlling copyright as Apple are, their cloud offering discards your music upload and substitutes a single 'perfect' version in its place. There are only so many unique tunes out there, so amalgamating them greatly reduces the storage footprint. So you download music, to allow you to upload it and them have it deleted and substituted with someone else's copy.
# 18 : Tuesday 19-6-2012 @ 23:46
That is bizarre. I had no idea.
# 19 : Tuesday 19-6-2012 @ 23:53
Someone said :
That is bizarre. I had no idea.

You have much to learn of the cloud my child. Much to learn.
# 20 : Wednesday 20-6-2012 @ 00:06
see that's why I don't trust the cloud if you have music in your collection you have it for a reason maybe it's a cool bootleg or remix and the idea if it being deleted replaced without your permission would really annoy me
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