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Lidl / Aldi
# 31 : Wednesday 21-12-2016 @ 21:25
Queen! Sleigh!!!

Video Link :
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# 32 : Wednesday 21-12-2016 @ 21:44
Well 2016 can't get any weirder!
# 33 : Monday 30-1-2017 @ 12:22
I'm already a fan of Lidl's spectacle wipes* that show up once a year but I recently tried their screen wipes (W5 15 per pack) and they are just great. Everything else I've tried leave smears but these do the job perfectly.

* These are also great for small screens on phones / tablets.
# 34 : Friday 5-5-2017 @ 17:49
Lidls delux passion fruit sorbet is absolutely delicious! So rich and tasty!
# 35 : Thursday 1-6-2017 @ 17:14
I wish they sold bikes here like they do in Germany
# 36 : Monday 13-11-2017 @ 15:20
Has anyone bought clothing in lidl? Do you find the sizes irregular?
# 37 : Monday 13-11-2017 @ 20:32
Hi Pow Pow i've bought nice work shorts for about €5 and €10 for some of them. I wore them on holidays and for work too. Sizes were grand and they have tonnes of pockets.
I saw lovely trousers in Lidl lately, very cheap, but the legs on them look very narrow or thin even for bigger sizes and I think my legs would be squashed in them.
Got some rain coats etc. previously too and very satisfied with them.
# 38 : Tuesday 14-11-2017 @ 02:53
Yeah 19%. Its just that I bought tops there yesterday. I'm a medium but these tops were much smaller. I was squished into thrm. So I thought the sizes were much smaller than in any other clothes shop or maybe its just those tops. I'm a medium everywhere else.
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