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Sad News.
# 391 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 21:45
Shes a beautiful dog Stewie. So sorry to hear. Are they doing scans?
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# 392 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 22:35
Sorry to hear about your dog Stewie. I'm sure the vet will be able to find out whats wrong and will be able to help. At least she's not in any pain, so just keep giving her the medication you got from the vet and give her a hug from me.
# 393 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 23:40
That is quite noticeable but at least she isn't in any pain. Hopefully its just an ear infection or something.
# 394 : Friday 3-3-2017 @ 23:59
Sad to see a family pet unwell, hope their will be a happy outcome.
# 395 : Wednesday 8-3-2017 @ 15:13
A friend of mine, his dog was exhibiting similar symptoms. He took him to the vet and after a lengthy diagnosis the vet removed three teeth. Two days later the dog was back to normal, had regained appetite and was scampering around like a puppy.
That's the problem with pets is they can't tell you what's wrong with them.
# 396 : Wednesday 8-3-2017 @ 15:40
What Kevsamo said. Ask if it could be something to do with his teeth!
# 397 : Tuesday 14-3-2017 @ 01:35
Any update on this?
I was wondering how the dog is.
# 398 : Tuesday 14-3-2017 @ 09:14
Looks like the Irish Coastguard rescue 116 helicopter has crashed off the Mayo coast, with 1 critically injured and three missing.

# 399 : Tuesday 14-3-2017 @ 18:58
Someone said :
Looks like the Irish Coastguard rescue 116 helicopter has crashed off the Mayo coast, with 1 critically injured and three missing.

Sad update: one now dead; three still missing.
# 400 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 00:47
My first boyfriend took his life today..
Absolutely gutted...
I spent today trying to inspire others to keep hoping for good mental health, not knowing my friend was in a difference.

# 401 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 01:26
Sorry to hear that justsayin. Keep yourself well.
# 402 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 01:36
Thanks JP my OP was a bit of a jumble, but just gutted here :-(
# 403 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 01:41
So sorry to hear that also, we can never really know what's going on in a persons life unless they choose to share with us, we seem to be a closed people still despite all the help offered, you though are of course in no way to feel that you could have altered the outcome in any way, you simply could not have done so.
# 404 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 18:27
Sorry to hear that. Poor man.
# 405 : Thursday 16-3-2017 @ 18:44
Oh that is awful news! So sorry to hear that!
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