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Airbnb - Would You Do It?
# 121 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 23:33
A cautionary tale from TV3'S Alan Hughes who lost (eventually retrieved) his 250 Euro deposit after his host upturned tables and chairs, photographed the "damage" and made the claim. Lesson, pay attention, always take pics of property before you leave.
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# 122 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 21:14
Not too sure. I stayed in AirBnb twice, and both were fine, but I have a feeling I was lucky, hearing so many horror accounts.
# 123 : Monday 24-7-2017 @ 23:00
My friends and flatmates from whom I~m renting a room do airbnb all the time, as hosts, and it's always been fine
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