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Getting A Job
# 166 : Saturday 28-1-2017 @ 12:02
Someone said :
There's few things more frustrating than going through the effort and stress of applying for a job and then finding out that they already knew who they wanted to get it anyway and were just going through the motions.

That happened me before. And the interviewer was so rude and dismissive to me during the interview.
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# 167 : Saturday 28-1-2017 @ 12:15
Someone said :

That happened me before. And the interviewer was so rude and dismissive to me during the interview.

It's awful. Once I did a 4 hour translation test for nothing because that vacancy had been opened purely to make someone who already did that job as a contractor an internal employee.

They didn't even bother giving me and others the result. Worst, because of a rule they had where you were barred from applying to the same kind of position for a year after an unsuccessful attempt I lost the chance of applying to a contract position they opened up later, for which I actually had a chance of being successful.
# 168 : Monday 30-1-2017 @ 11:22
I feel people going to interviews might sometimes be a bit too demanding on what to expect.

Unless they were conned in paying for it, they should be grateful not to be offered a job with people who are bad at handling interviews.

Unless you feel cheated to the extend of illegal unfairness, unless you feel moved to lodge an official complaint, then it cannot have been that bad.
It is a learning experience: like in dating, you cannot complain of all the bad dates; instead rejoice that you are giving yourself those chances to maybe get where you want to be.

If it does not work, swiftly move on. Not the end of the world.
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