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# 1 : Wednesday 15-1-2014 @ 12:58
Is the Boilerhouse open in the afternoons and if it is, do many people go there ?
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# 2 : Wednesday 15-1-2014 @ 14:46
Have you thought of calling the boilerhouse directly and asking them their opening hours and how many go their at various times of the day on 01 677 3130?
# 3 : Friday 2-2-2018 @ 00:12
Sorry to drag this back from the archives, but the original question was about how busy (or otherwise) the boilerhouse is in the afternoon.

I think rather than contact the venue and have them say “oh aye it’s heaving here on a Monday lunchtime” only to find out they may have been exaggerating slightly, I think the OP was looking for someone who has personal experience of visiting during the day who could give an honest picture of how busy it is (or not).

I’d be interested to know as well purely for research purposes you understand.
# 4 : Friday 2-2-2018 @ 09:43
Only one way to find out.....GO
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