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Pride Locations
# 31 : Saturday 15-8-2015 @ 19:38
Someone said :

Just their internet service.

You mean the place where I always bought my tickets and was a member of before even moving here? I also knew about that!
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# 32 : Saturday 15-8-2015 @ 19:39
Someone said :

You mean the place where I always bought my tickets and was a member of before even moving here? I also knew about that!

We're only here to help.
# 33 : Saturday 15-8-2015 @ 19:41
Someone said :

We're only here to help.

Well, thanks, I guess.
# 34 : Saturday 23-7-2016 @ 00:19
Amsterdam turns pink and gears up for 15 days of EuroPride

Fifteen days of parties, debates, concerts and other events start in Amsterdam on Saturday as the Dutch capital hosts EuroPride 2016.

EuroPride, first held in 1991, takes place in a different European city every year and is being hosted by the Dutch capital in 2016 to mark 20 years of the Amsterdam Gay Pride organisation.

This year the event has the motto ‘’join our freedom’. Over 300 events will take place between July 23 and August 7, including Pink Saturday at the Vondelpark and a pro human rights concert on Dam Square this Sunday.

The traditional canal boat parade on August 6 includes floats hosted by gay Moroccans, LGBT Jews and the police force, as well as the European Commission.

‘We will celebrate that freedom but at the same time continue the fight for equal rights in Europe,’ Lucien Spee, director of the Amsterdam Gay Pride organisation, told the festival’s magazine. ‘This will continue until we have the right to be who we are, to have families, to lead full lives and to develop the careers that we want, wherever we are until we are fully accepted and embraced with dignity by our families, neighbours and colleagues throughout Europe.’

Read more etc ...

# 35 : Saturday 6-8-2016 @ 22:43
Earlier today in Amsterdam, the annual Canal Parade.

brief clip

Video Link :

Video Link :

Video Link :

Video Link :

# 36 : Sunday 7-8-2016 @ 14:32
I was at the Amsterdam canal pride parade yesterday. It was excellent - went on for 4 whole hours. Great atmosphere!
# 37 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 09:59
World Pride in June/July next year in Madrid is going to be huge. They expect a crowd of 3 million.
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