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Hot Male Thread 9
# 331 : Wednesday 6-7-2016 @ 19:10
@eithne he is quite a bit of alright.

Have I lost it? Am I doing something wrong. I want to post a pic of Conor McGregor and his naked ass but it keeps failing! You still just post the url and wrap it in the Image button?

Not the image I wanted to post but that'll do pig...

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# 332 : Wednesday 6-7-2016 @ 22:15

# 333 : Tuesday 19-7-2016 @ 05:41
Incredibly hot Oz athlete Simon Dunn. And yes, he's gay too!!

# 334 : Tuesday 19-7-2016 @ 12:16
Nice! Though he'd be hotter if his moustache was stubble like the rest of his face.
# 335 : Thursday 6-10-2016 @ 16:36
Brazilian model Rodiney Santiago He's apparently bi.

Here's a NSFW pic of him.... WARNING, definitely Not Safe For Work! etc ...

# 336 : Thursday 6-10-2016 @ 19:38
Ah stop the lights! Babe.

His trunks remind me of a British Airways plane or ad though.
# 337 : Thursday 27-10-2016 @ 17:37

He must have left the house in a rush
# 338 : Monday 7-11-2016 @ 19:11

Such a shame Billy Campbell didn't become a regular on Star Trek TNG. Even better if he'd gotten the role of Riker which he auditioned for. Though his get-up might not have been so comely.
# 339 : Tuesday 8-11-2016 @ 10:40
Only seeing this now. Hell, yes! Great, so hot. Such a shame about the underwear, though I like that too!:tu
# 340 : Tuesday 27-12-2016 @ 20:34
UK canoeist Matt Lister. He's on our team but sadly he has a boyfriend.

# 341 : Sunday 1-1-2017 @ 16:22

Chris Pratt
# 342 : Tuesday 7-2-2017 @ 20:02

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron who is currently brushing aside rumours about his sexuality. We'll have to wait and see how that pans out.
# 343 : Thursday 9-2-2017 @ 20:02
Someone said :

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron who is currently brushing aside rumours about his sexuality. We'll have to wait and see how that pans out.

His private life has always been of interest to the media.
They loved the fact that he married his secondary school literature teacher!
It pegged him as a the opposite of Sarkozy who got himself a gold-digging model, or Holland who got himself a youngish actress after ditching the mother of his children (and herself presidential hopeful against Sarkozy) for a youngish journalist!

Now the thrill of him having a gay affair with one of the controversial public radio Director General, Mathieu G., is too much for the media.
(Mathieu, who is rumored to owe his carrier to a liaison with a nephew of President Miterrand, when the said nephew Frédéric was Sarkozy's Culture Minister and himself (Frédéric) accused of tastes similar to those of Cathal Ó Searcaigh...)

Video Link :
# 344 : Friday 10-2-2017 @ 11:32
Well good luck to him - he has a sexy accent to boot.
# 345 : Saturday 11-2-2017 @ 00:56
Sitting Eagle...Crow.
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