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Mini Greenhouses And Growing Fruit/Veg?
# 1 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 12:14
Anyone know where I could get a mini greenhouse/poly tunnel suitable for a small garden? I've looked but they are all huge. Does anyone have one and what do they think of them? Are you planning on planting any fruit or vegetables in the coming months?
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# 2 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 12:16
Where is Gentlelover when you need him?
# 3 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 13:27
You can buy a small hard clear plastic dome with vents in woodies, I use mine in summer for lettuce , scallions and the likes. I put a timber frame down first and add soil. Keeps it tidy and easy to manage . Plant every too weeks apart so you have fresh stock every too weeks
# 4 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 13:28
The dome I store inside in the winter I have it 5 years now
# 5 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 14:18
Is it a small polydome/solid plastic dome? What size is it? Woodies website is a pain to navigate on an iPhone.
# 6 : Saturday 31-1-2015 @ 18:35
Don't know if there is a polytunnel for a small garden.

I had mini greenhouse, made of metal bars that you clicked together and covered with the plastic 'house', and my mother had one (a different brand).

They were fine but had some substantial limitations:
- the weight they could take was not ideal (the shelves were part of the structure, unlike in a proper greenhouse)
- they were unstable in strong winds
- they don't last more than three years.
# 7 : Friday 7-10-2016 @ 14:54
Is it normal for tomatoes to be still green and rock hard in October?
# 8 : Friday 7-10-2016 @ 15:29
When life gives you lemons make
fried green tomatoes etc ...
# 9 : Friday 7-10-2016 @ 20:29
Someone said :
Is it normal for tomatoes to be still green and rock hard in October?

Not really
# 10 : Wednesday 8-3-2017 @ 17:34
Planted tomato seeds, beetroot seeds and potatoes today! *crosses fingers*
# 11 : Wednesday 8-3-2017 @ 20:11
Someone said :
Planted tomato seeds, beetroot seeds and potatoes today! *crosses fingers*

I have my new batch of tomatoes down since the 3rd.
Got a wall mounted rack greenhouse with a zip up cover.

I'm also crossing my fingers.
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