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# 646 : Friday 9-6-2017 @ 13:58
There was a faction in the Tory party that was desperate to avoid a hard brexit that would have destroyed the city and it looks now like by being with the dup they won't be able to because the dup wants ni to remain within the single market ...
A cynical mind might even go as far as to imagine that the idiocy of a Tory campaign that attacked their solid grey vote unnecessarily with a dementia tax and taking away their fuel grant was designed to lose them votes and seats.
She wanted to be weaker so they could save the city after all the tories and the city interests are linked .
will the two factions of the party tolerate each other going forward in this climate?
Doubt it.
Expect leadership change and a Tory meltdown but before that they'll screw the country because it's all about them .
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# 647 : Friday 9-6-2017 @ 16:17
The dup want to stay in the customs union so no free trade deals for the uk after brexit ...oh dear
The hpwever want to leave the single market to stop free movement so it will be a crap deal.
But then anything to stay in power .
# 648 : Saturday 10-6-2017 @ 14:12
David Davis admitted losing their majority meant a no vote for leaving the customs union and single market , that means a Norway style deal , pay lots for membership, shut up and accept free movement .
Although ... he hasn't been seen since ...........
# 649 : Monday 12-6-2017 @ 21:06

They aint leaving the customs union .
Thanks to the dup
Single market ... theyll fudge that too.
Brexit means brexit is genius because it can mean anything
The dup should be careful though because the tories will scapegoat them for not delivering brexit and come the next election who knows what might happen ?????
# 650 : Thursday 15-6-2017 @ 21:32
Wife Swap Brexit style is interesting. When two sides collide...
# 651 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 03:57
Europe doesn't intrude obviously into people's lives much in the U.K. Unless the government blame them for something , Europe wasn't responsible for either establishing the regulation on insulating material or enforcing its application, this was the uk gov responsibility and they failed , they failed because money and profit was more important than safety.
Now the U.K. Gov , same one want control back from Europe over the areas that benefit the general population , are they really to be trusted ?
# 652 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 20:38
It is so ironic that at the end of the day, the UK may end-up paying for a reduced-rights membership, and end-up with much less influence than before and less benefits...

Plus they will have lost their rebate!

It may end-up costing them more than before... the price of humble pie.

And a vaccine to other countries who may be tempted by the populist adventure.
# 653 : Saturday 24-6-2017 @ 12:44
if the uk side is light on written proposals and position papers it as it appears it means the negotiations will be very slow and awkward , even after a year the uk are incredibly ill prepared if they don't even have a clear position on citizen rights.

Citizen rights is the one issue even the maybot said she wanted to deal with as early as possible so it's strange that she didn't even mention the EU offer ?

When you consider it's really people's lives they are talking about its cruel to haggle over their rights.
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