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# 766 : Thursday 12-10-2017 @ 21:47
Someone said :
Will anyone come up with the simplest possible soultion?

England and Wales want to leave the EU.
N. Ireland and Scotland are not keen.

Let England and Wales leave the UK!
The UK remains in the EU.
England and Scotland stay in Commonwealth and join whatever joint they want.

(As easy as Catalonia leaving Spain...)

they will pass their exit date go through their transition period and then meekly rejoin and they will learn nothing from the experience

Oh and some people will make a shitload of money from the whole thing

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# 767 : Monday 16-10-2017 @ 21:40
Has brexit hit the iceberg ? I smell a second re fe re n dumb for the British , ha ha
Scarlet for them
If they have to "vote again " to "get the right result " I'm going to burst out laughing at them forever and ever
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