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Very New, And Not Quite Sure What's Going On!
# 1 : Saturday 5-3-2016 @ 01:38
Hey everybody,as the heading says I'm a total newbie to this whole scene, I'm 29 and am in a straight relationship and have been in a fair few since my teens. That's the point of this post I'm not a bad looking guy and have never had any problems meeting/having relationships with girls, but since maybe 18 months ago something has changed with me, I have lost interest in girls and my partner, I find myself fantisyising about transsexuals and men, and went as far as to meet a TS who I had the best sex of my life with! And since then My head is fucked! Am I gay? Bi? I think about being with men constantly, granted its feminine petite guys that I dream about never the less it's still the thoughts of cock that make my cock hard! So my question is has anyone else been in this situation? Am I fooling myself and is it time to just bite the bullet accept that I like men? Thanks in advance for any help.
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# 2 : Saturday 5-3-2016 @ 11:40
Have you talked tou your girl friend about it? Maybe try a threesome?
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