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# 1 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 02:48

I'm considering making a (first) trip to the Boiler House, probably around lunchtime on a weekday when I imagine it should be quiet. What I'm looking for is really to hang out naked with sexual activity limited to mutual HJ.

Is this realistic, and what are the appropriate signals to communicate this?

My experience with men is limited and I'm cautious by nature.

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# 2 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 10:20
Maybe this post isn't the stuff that threads are made of, perhaps classifieds?
# 3 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 10:26 it, I see what you mean, but it is information I'm looking for, not a hookup.
# 4 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 14:21
Unless ye both know morse code, If ye click then tell him that's all you want. How else would he know?
# 5 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 17:00
Heh...dit-dit dah-dah dit-dit-dit I can just imagine

I agree with you, and that would be my instinct too, just say's just that I read somewhere it's all done with nods, gestures and positioning, so I wanted to avoid making a faux pas.
# 6 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 17:08
Nothing worse than making a faux pas in asking another naked straight married man to wank you off in a gay sauna. I'd be scarlet.

# 7 : Sunday 14-8-2016 @ 17:16's all relative...
# 8 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 01:24
Boilerhouse is a good experience. Jacuzzi & Sauna is a good start. In the sauna just lie back and undo your towel and gently and even unknown to you seductively stroke your penis or massage your balls. The signs will not go unnoticed and you can venture into one of the cubicles. Look forward to meeting you there possibly.
# 9 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 15:47
Have fun!

Saunas can be great, the BH could do with some renovating I think.

Could also be cleaner!

Saunas in Germany are awesome, look more like spas and not half as sleazy as the BH.
# 10 : Sunday 16-4-2017 @ 23:40
A recent visitor told me that it is spotlessly clean.
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