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Contact Lenses?
# 1 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 02:57
What do people think about contact lenses?

I got given some for a trial and put them in for the frist time this evening (after being shown how to do it several times)

where they differ from glasses is you have full peripheral vision.
But man, my eyes got tired fast.
My left eye "gave up" first and just said "fuck this and went blurry, and now after a wind down and two pints my right eye has followed suit.

Now I have to spent probably half an hour drunkingly yanking them out without permanently detaching my retinas accidentally.

yeah... it's a "trial" alright.
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# 2 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 05:00
I've been using them for over 20 years with no problems. Got used really fast to putting them on and taking them off and my eyes always tolerated them well. I hate wearing glasses and could not live without them.
# 3 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 08:49
I've tried loads - they never suit me. My eyes end up watery for hours. I'd like to be able to wear lenses - as glasses are pretty annoying at times.
# 4 : Friday 4-11-2016 @ 09:03
A friend of mine can't wear lenses for the opposite reason, his eyes are too dry and the lenses dry up in no time.
# 5 : Saturday 5-11-2016 @ 14:49
Well tonight's the night, gotta do a gig with them in tonight.
# 6 : Sunday 6-11-2016 @ 08:45
How did it go?
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