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Mother Presents: MASER Loves U-V
# 1 : Tuesday 8-11-2016 @ 11:27
Saturday 12th we are super excited to collaborate with one of our all time favourite visual artists, Maser! He is coming down to turn the club into an immersive UV extravaganza...starring you!

We're flooding the club with UV light, and Maser will be using YOU as his canvas. He will be painting you on the night using UV reactive paints, so come ready to get painted!

“Through the use of UV light, body paint and sound, I want to invite the spectator to escape the ordinary. Clubbers are encouraged to be themselves allowing them to create and enhance an experience where they become part of the three-dimensional living canvas.” Maser.

Rocky T Delgado making you dance, Maser making you glow.

More details here:
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