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Would You Want To Be Frozen Till They Find A Cure To Gayness?
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# 16 : Tuesday 31-1-2017 @ 18:20
Someone said :
200 grand to live as a robot....

We are already robots, economic robots and valued on what we earn.
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# 17 : Wednesday 1-2-2017 @ 20:16
Someone said :

We are already robots, economic robots and valued on what we earn.

No, we are not...
And only a fraction of society is valuing us on our economical yield. (Not necessarily what we earn, but more often return on investment)

Neither my family, not my friend value me on what I earn.
Employers value me on what I return to them, not what I earn.
Social services do not value me on what I earn, but what I need. (Which at present is contributing to the pot)
Politicians do not value me for what I earn, but for how much they can convince me that voting for them will change the world in my favor, and for how much effort it takes to persuade me to vote for them.

When I think of it, only gold diggers, some "socialites", and a handful of idiots, would be able to value me on what I earn. And they are not in my life.
And people freezing people, because they want to get paid till the money runs as dry as they ice they'd stuff in me.
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