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House Insurance
# 1 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 20:21
Hello everyone.

I was wondering if you could help advise me on things relating to house insurance. (it relates to my situation, but I am wording it generally, in case it applies to other people in similar situations, in case the responses help them too.)

This house needs to be insured.

The owner of the house is not of sound mind due to dementia.

There is no enduring power of attorney.

Will insurance companies accept an application from someone living in the house in question, if that person is related to the owner of the property?

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# 2 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 20:27
In general you need to have a financial interest in the property to be insured. With that in mind, on the face of it, you cannot insure someone else's property. Maybe contents since you live there too.

Do you have power of attorney? You could probably do it on her behalf then.
# 3 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 20:29
What if I had a solicitor do it on her behalf? (no enduring power of attorney)
# 4 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 21:01
Someone said :
What if I had a solicitor do it on her behalf? (no enduring power of attorney)

Sounds possible though to be honest I've no real idea on that side of it.
# 5 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 21:20
Thanks, I will ask a solicitor then.
# 6 : Wednesday 15-2-2017 @ 23:10
Check out your local CIC, Coolock has one such centre in the civic office and the 27 bus stops outside, or better still, mail FLAC.
# 7 : Thursday 16-2-2017 @ 02:26
Did the house have insurance in the owners name and did it just lapse?
In that case it might be easiest to just get it reinstated.
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