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Cross Dresser Shame : Advice Needed
# 1 : Friday 24-2-2017 @ 23:05
Hey there all I'm 36 male I'm looking to make some friends with interest like me at the moment I'm feeling ashamed of it and that's why I came here I like wearing lady's underwear it makes me feel great when I have it on and I'm attracted to fem looking cross dressers I haven't told any one and feel a bit ashamed about it
# 2 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:16
Why do you feel ashamed? Maybe put up a classified to meet people with similar interests to yourself. Make some friends/lovers ect.
# 3 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:26
I don't know I feel really confused like should I hide it or embrace it
# 4 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:34
You should do what you wanna do. Have you check Gaire's personals? It's an endless parade of men in panties and dresses.

Go have fun, life's too short.
# 5 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:36
Well you don't have to sit your family down and tell them. They might roll their eyes and say "Is that it?". It's not really a big deal, I wouldn't overthink it.
# 6 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 00:44
Haha that's what I'm trying to do but can't seem to get many replies haha
# 7 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 01:20
Hi and welcome.
There's nothing to be ashamed of, just do you.
# 8 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 02:50
Thanks for the words that's why I came to the site to try meet some people like me
# 9 : Saturday 25-2-2017 @ 03:27
One of my best long term friends likes to wear women's knickers. He's a 6'2" straight ex British army officer who is a bouncer on Saturday nights (lots of money). He's recently got married to his second wife and has always been honest about his like of wearing women's underwear since he was a teenager. Apparently because he's so overtly masculine,he likes to wear female knickers to keep in touch with his feminine side. No one cares, you shouldn't either.
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