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Will Your Job Still Exist In 10 Years? What Will Be The Next Job To Go?
# 16 : Wednesday 15-3-2017 @ 08:24
Someone said :
The big crash will come when the truck drivers and the delivery van guys lose their jobs to drones and driver-less vehicles. I think its something like 4 million jobs in America that will just vanish.

I read a few years ago we could be looking at a return to pre-industrial times where the majority of people work for very rich people, doing the mundane jobs that they don't want to do.

Or, I guess there's always welfare.

Thats why we need to have universal basic income.
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# 17 : Wednesday 15-3-2017 @ 13:31
Saw Moonlight yesterday, wish I could have watched Chiron's final class scene over and over satisfying.
Uh Oh......not exactly job related.
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