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Is Using A Dressing Service Real Crossdressing?
# 16 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 15:21
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm very butch!
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# 17 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 16:06
Would there be much bitching in the cross dressing community or would they look out for eachother?
# 18 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 16:29
Everyone in the world seems to have someone they dump on, passable ts and tvs dump on the less genetically blessed, ts dump on tvs, tvs dump on hairy panty wearers, masculine gay men dump on sissies, everyone bitches about something! I'm generalising of course! there are amazing people out there who ARE understanding and KIND and this should be fostered and encouraged. The crossdressing community is full of the same type of people as the rest of society, indeed they are part of the rest of society, gay and straight.
I think I need a nap now, after stating the blatantly obvious.
# 19 : Thursday 6-4-2017 @ 16:42
Thanks kimkrush.
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