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13 Reasons Why Not
# 1 : Saturday 22-4-2017 @ 08:13
The series 13 Reasons Why on Netflix comes with its share of real and made up controversy.
Some say it is a helpful series that has opened up the conversation about suicide, which has saved lives.
Some say it is unhealthy, putting pressure and guilt on other, making suicide an act of bitterness that could have been prevented "if only".

My question to you is not why you killed yourself, but why you did not.
What would stop you from making that mistake?

Inspired indirectly by etc ...
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# 2 : Saturday 22-4-2017 @ 09:04
I watched the first episode and thought it a bit too teeny for me.

I know thats not really the question...
# 3 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 16:28
Someone said :
I watched the first episode and thought it a bit too teeny for me.

I know thats not really the question...

It is also the question. I struggled to get to the end.
And my opinion on it would be different if I had dropped at different stages of the story.

I am wondering how a suicidal teenager would view the series vs the book. Not that they all would see it as one single entity/personality. But I think that testimonials from people who were/are suicidal, as to the impact it has had on them, is vital.

They will have different stories, some will remain untold when they did not survive.
I do not feel like judging it myself, as I know it has helped some, and maybe it tripped others over the edge. Who knows.
Anecdotal dramatic situations, or anecdotal feel good stories, cannot individually be a reason to go for or against it.

On the other hand, there seems to be a hint that there is a second season in the works. And I am wondering if that is not exploitative. If the obsession of prolonging series that worked is not going to cast a shadow on the whole thing.
Who knows.
# 4 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 18:26
I must confess I gave a USB to a friend and hes gonna stick it on to it for me. I'm gonna give it a second shot. Everybody says its brilliant
# 5 : Sunday 21-5-2017 @ 22:48
it's good but a second series. nope.
# 6 : Monday 22-5-2017 @ 19:16
Blah, thanks for the thread. It is a good one.

About 13 Reasons Why:

I enjoyed the series. As a piece of television it was well produced, compelling and entertaining. I found the portrayal of suicide and its aftermath to be very problematic. I my view it did 'glamourise suicide'. This girl, who was suffering, who had suffered terribly was granted incredible power and influence over her class mates, her family and her teachers through her act of suicide and the elaborate suicide note she left. It does, in my view, portray suicide as a way to get some of what you want. I didn't so much have a problem with the actual depiction of suicide to be too excessive, even though I have a low tolerance for sex and violence on television. Suicide is a brutally physical act most of the time, I'm glad they demonstrated that. I thought Kate Walsh and husband's performance at the discovery (and indeed throughout) to have been masterful. The scene in the bathroom was crushing.

On suicide and what stopped you;

I've tried it a few times. The biggest factor in preventing me from making it a reality was my faith (and my fear). I know it might be irrational and etc. but I can honestly say I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my faith.
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