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Cara For Garda
# 1 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 13:56
So the cara for garda debate contunies. Is it all her fault or dose the married with kids garda that lied to her and said he was single need to take 50% of the blame. I used be on the site they met and haf seen her profile. She cearly stated that she liked gardas and like role playing with them. He new the suitation but still her child has been shouted at on the street and hes treated as a victim in all this
Whats your opinion
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# 2 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 14:14
What are you on about?
# 3 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 14:22
Story has been in yhe papers over the weekend. A woman and a garda meet on a sex website and the video was leaked now she is been made take the blame
# 4 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 14:33
Was that a real Garda though? Carla fears she might have to move from West Cork. Did she not think this through?
# 5 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 14:34
Oh ya the squad car and all is in the video
# 6 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 14:35
I saw a thread about this on Apparently a woman was video recorded in a porn flick having sex with a Garda on the bonnet of a Garda car. The same woman was also recorded having sex with 2 army officers.

Bit of a non-story in 2017. Headline grabbing back in the 90s but not now.

Link: etc ...

But the woman and the Garda involved sound like idiots.
# 7 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 22:15
He hasn't been back to work since. Hes out on sick leave trying to mend his broken relationship.
I don't think he got away lightly.
They were both thicks.
# 8 : Tuesday 25-4-2017 @ 03:12
Where could one watch the video? Asking for a friend.
# 9 : Tuesday 25-4-2017 @ 10:30
Anyone remember that video that was leaked a few years ago with a GAA player getting fucked in the ass? That was great!
# 10 : Wednesday 26-4-2017 @ 12:28
You cant beat a good sex scandal
# 11 : Wednesday 26-4-2017 @ 14:25
Link? *pulls down zip*
# 12 : Wednesday 26-4-2017 @ 19:28
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