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Mother Presents NICKY SIANO (Studio 54) - May 27
# 1 : Sunday 7-5-2017 @ 13:27
We are delighted & honoured to welcome a very special guest DJ to the club Saturday May 27th. The Master of Disco Soul & original resident of studio 54 plays Mother Saturday May 27th.

Nicky DJ'd at Bianca Jagger's infamous Studio 54 birthday party, where she made her grand entrance upon a white horse. Together with his brother Joe, Nicky also ran The Gallery, another legendary NY nightclub at the very core of disco history. He is the last surviving pioneer of the 70’s dance music scene. He is the only person left who was there at the very beginning, remaining relevant and involved through the 70‘s - in the decade of the disco explosion & as a resident at STUDIO 54.

“If anyone is to be called a legend it is NICKY SIANO.” - New York Magazine, 2011

Nicky is named as one of the "100 People who Changed New York." - New York Magazine's 35th Anniversary issue April 2003

"Nicky Siano IS dance music." - Play Magazine

Cheaplist via fb:

We can’t wait for this one. Join us and dance like its 1977.

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