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Looking To Rent A Studio Apartment
# 1 : Thursday 18-5-2017 @ 21:39
Hi my current living situation is not good living with "FRIENDS"
well people i taught where my friends turns out there not .
they have giving me a short time frame to find accomidation or face living in a hostel

i have tryed applying for private rental flats but since im unemployed i find it hard to
get accepted .
i am currently looking to return to full time education
but still can't seem to find somewhere to rent

i need to find somewhere asap my maximum rent would be 950 euro

i would really apprecate the help
# 2 : Thursday 18-5-2017 @ 22:24
take a look in the Classified ads
# 3 : Thursday 18-5-2017 @ 23:10
Why not look outside Dublin? Wicklow, Navan, Athlone are cheaper and still fairly commutable for work or study.
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