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Sexy Suspenders
# 1 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 10:58
I'm a married gay male. I'd love to try having a guy dominate me. So I'm talking to a guy here, for some time now, who sounds perfect for the job. I hope this will happen sometime.
My problem is that he wants me to wear sexy suspenders. Being a masculine guy, I was a tad taken aback at this initially but he's really keen for me to surrender my male pussy with the suspenders on, to quote him. And I'm finding the idea a bit of a turn-on the more I think on it, to my surprise.
Neither of us wants the whole dressing up thing but he's mad keen on the suspenders. Sounds daft but where can I get them? I don't want to go to Dunnes or anything but I'm not sure how to go about it, size and so on. Any ideas? Thanks.
# 2 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 11:20
Buy online.
# 3 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 11:56
Can't do that really, wife would want to know what I've been buying. Too messy really. But thanks anyway.
# 4 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 12:33
Well don't know what to say then. Get someone to buy it for you?
# 5 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 13:09
Get him to buy them, that way he can buy exactly what he wants you to wear and you get to wear them!
# 6 : Thursday 8-6-2017 @ 13:52
That's a simple but very good idea and it might come to that. Ideally I suppose I'd like to have the gear hidden in my home and get used to it myself first. And it would be great to surprise him when I bend over and have a nice sexy outfit on for him. And for me, I must admit. But that's an idea, thanks.
# 7 : Thursday 20-7-2017 @ 12:10

There are loads of them on eBay !
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