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Whats For Dinner Tonight? Part 4.
# 46 : Thursday 1-3-2018 @ 11:59
Someone said :
Why did you "had to ask the question" if I'm a vegetarian if I stated that I'm eating duck?

Given my Facetious persona on here, i oft conclude that everyone is the same..
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# 47 : Wednesday 7-3-2018 @ 20:02
***** LAZY HOT & SOUR SOUP *****

Bring one packet of Knorr Minestrone soup to the boil (use a little less water than stated on packet)

Add a good few splashes of Balsamic Vinegar (or rice wine vinegar if you are really posh)

Lash in a rake of crushed chili flakes

Beat an egg in a cup, slowly pour egg into boiling soup whilst stiring

Good as is or add whatever leftover meat/prawns is in fridge..
# 48 : Wednesday 7-3-2018 @ 20:35
I made king prawn, broccoli and Parmesan omelette and home made garlic bread.
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