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Curious Or Bi? How Do I Tell?
# 1 : Sunday 30-7-2017 @ 20:18
I have always wanted to be with a guy but always thought it was just curiosity as I am mostly interested in women. However I go through these phases of lusting after men and having almost zero interest in women. I am unsure whether this is curiosity or if I am actually bisexual. I have never acted on it because I was in a relationship but that has changed now and I'm a bit nervous to try.

Where is a good place to meet a guy for friendship and possibly more? I feel like a fish out of water here

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# 2 : Monday 31-7-2017 @ 00:12
"Curiosity" is not a sexual orientation. You're either bi or gay, not "curious".

A gay bar would be a good place to start.
# 3 : Monday 31-7-2017 @ 15:26
Of course you can be curious, that's perfectly natural for a healthy young male. Many of course don't take up on it for all sorts of reasons.

And a gay bar would not be the place to start. You need to sound this out before you venture there. In my younger days I found the Gay Switchboard very helpful indeed when I was a bit all over the place in my mind, from a sexual point of view.

I saw your ad. T think that's a good place to start. Jumping in at the deep end on your own I wouldn't advise but I'm a cautious kind of guy.

Hopefully other lads will offer you advice too. Nothing to be afraid of.

# 4 : Monday 31-7-2017 @ 16:07
Going to a bar is hardly "jumping in at the deep end"
# 5 : Monday 31-7-2017 @ 16:25
Disagree, I think that's allowed!
# 6 : Monday 31-7-2017 @ 19:09
I'm of the opinion that "yes you are bi then" and that, that isn't a big deal.
Your sexual orientation is about "who you are attracted to" not "who you've had sex with".
Some people use bisexuality as an excuse to cheat on people, or break up with people and that's pretty crappy, but if you're bi, your bi and there's no inherent problem with being bisexual.

My sis recently came to terms with the fact that she is a little bi, and she seems a happier, less confused and more positive as a person because of it.
She's never had a girlfriend and she may never want one, but it's still nice to know that kinda stuff about yourself.

I'm off the opinion that going to a gay bar might be a good idea just to have a gawk. But picking up "friends" in a gay bar is hard work, as a single person who pops into gay bars whenever I can, I find the two "gears" of social interaction are fleeting superficial niceties and chat, or, trying to get the ride.
It seems to be the wrong scenario for "befriending gay people" so to speak.
You might have a much easier time joining social groups, or attending day-time LGBT events where the adgenda of making friends (with the possibility of more), might be a lot less confused.

# 7 : Tuesday 1-8-2017 @ 07:27
Someone said :
"Curiosity" is not a sexual orientation. You're either bi or gay, not "curious".

A gay bar would be a good place to start.

Who is to say?
Sexuality is self-identifying.
Some may see themselves 5% gay, or part-time bi, or bi-curious, or curious, etc.

It's not like there are EU grants attached! Whatever makes him comfortable.
The only standard we can offer is our own, and anecdotal evidence from others, including definitions used in some academic works where they feel the need to draw a line to better control their data.

This guy is not data, and I have no encline to control him...

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