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Who Do You Find Interesting On Instagram?
# 1 : Monday 18-9-2017 @ 16:47
Only recently joined it so haven't explored it fully but find Dorothy Cross, Cindy Sherman and Madonna the most interesting so far.

Anyone interesting you follow?

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# 2 : Monday 18-9-2017 @ 17:46
Is Sinead O'Connor on it? She would be.....interesting.

But I hear shes still giving it socks on Facebook. Dr Phil needs to confiscate her I-Pad!
# 3 : Saturday 23-9-2017 @ 14:59
My school crush, a gorgeous older jock who somehow manages to be even fitter now 27 years later. He surfs a lot and posts amazing pics on instagram of himself, the waves and anything else surf-related.

Still ridey as fuck!!
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