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Ireland's Abortion Referendum 2018
# 16 : Friday 29-9-2017 @ 07:28
Someone said :

I am sorry but the quality referendum was not messy
All the major parties supported it
Media while having to be balanced was all on side
Most posters was for it and the opposition was near non existent

I actually agree with you.
There was hate, spite, vitriol and craziness on the NO side. But they were a minority. Sizable but given the result, without much influence left.
It was not "messy", as in a split gvt, media fighting with one another, party colleagues insulting one another, families massively splintering along generational lines, children being shunned by the thousands.

It was only marginally messy: dirty on the margins.

The only mess was contained into the "fachosphere", the sphere of facists and hyper-conservatives. It was dirty and vile, but not "messy".

This one, on the other hand, will be messier.
One of the strengths of the marriage referendum was everyone knew someone who was gay, even if they lived in the most remote area.
For the referendum on the right to women to chose their lives, it is harder to identify the "touch point" with the audience: who will "testify"?

Maybe women will need to come out in force like they did in France. At the time women from all walks of life, including academics, intellectuals, politicians, industrialists, artists, joined , more private women's group to say "we did have an abortion."
In 1971 they published the "Manifest of the 343", which then came to be known as the "Manifest of the 343 whores".

Simone de Beauvoir wrote it, and they made it impossible for the gvt to prosecute them, thus making the law useless and it eventually had to be changed.
It forced the people to look at what this law meant, and who is being made "guilty".
It also forced the people (through the caricatural voice of pro-choice Charlie Hebdo) to ask themselves "who impregnated these whores"?

The same year, Germany did the same.

It broke the pro-life vs pro-choice pretend divide.

I am pro-life and pro-choice at the same time : for the choice of women to live their lives, and chose when and how to bring life to the world.
I do not let a USA-side religious mindset decide what I am pro-what!
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# 17 : Friday 29-9-2017 @ 07:29
IN short, we should not make the mistake to accept the pro-life/pro-choice framing that the religious right wants to impose!
Let's stop using that restrictive terminology, and dare call a spade a spade!
# 18 : Saturday 30-9-2017 @ 17:44
Was anyone at the march today??

Numbers looked good!
# 19 : Sunday 1-10-2017 @ 08:00
Someone said :
Was anyone at the march today??

Numbers looked good!

I saw social media posts that looked absolutely huge
# 20 : Sunday 1-10-2017 @ 12:36
Ypa, was there and great vibe.
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