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Things Aren't All Bad! (The 'Good On You!' Thread)
# 1 : Saturday 4-11-2017 @ 11:30
This thread is to say nice things about topics which are usually 99% rant-fodder.
For instance, to say something nice about Ryanair, a tax increase, Civitas, UKIP, Brexit, s storm, a criminal, etc .

I will start with Ryanair:
- Booked a return ticket for next year, cheap as can be, for €25.
- 3 weeks later, got to change my departure date: flight cost was €19 (as on the original date), and change fee €40, so total to pay = €40
- Then realized I could just buy a new one-way for the new date for €15!

And the real good news here, is that Ryanair, as opposed to others, will allow you to use a return when you do not use the first leg of it. So my return date remained unchanged!
(That's because they do not offer lower prices for a return, than they do for the same journey as 2 single disconnected trips.)

So for once, good on you, Ryanair!

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# 2 : Saturday 4-11-2017 @ 18:17
I rang vodafone once and asked them why they DIDN'T cut me off all the times I failed to play the bills on time, (Eir just cut you off, and then charge you re-connection fees, which I find infuriating!!)

They told me they noticed my account always seems to run into arrears, for one or two bills then I pay it all off at once (which is what I do, sometimes with an advance on the next bill as well).

Wow. human beings working at vodafone, who'd have thought?
# 3 : Saturday 4-11-2017 @ 20:06
I was happy that my property tax wasnt decreased. The council is able to invest in improved library services with lpt.
# 4 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 15:16
Someone said :
I was happy that my property tax wasnt decreased. The council is able to invest in improved library services with lpt.

Thats just crazy talk!
# 5 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 16:24
Someone said :

Thats just crazy talk!

Investing in decent public services is a good thing
# 6 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 16:36
Are you a politician?
# 7 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 21:57
I love Ryanair! I can see some of the most amazing cities in Europe for less than the price of a night in the pub.
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