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New To Dublin
# 1 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 22:57
Hi guys
I'm new to Dublin and don't know many people here. I was wondering if anybody would like to meet up at the weekend, maybe go to panti bar or the George? I don't want to go alone haha.I'm looking to make new friends, have fun and possibly more. Brazilian and Asian to the top of the que haha. Only guys my age or younger please. If anybody would like to meet up with me, pm me and we can arrange it. Thank you

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# 2 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 23:17
Have I just read a Grindr profile?
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# 3 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 23:28
Haha! I didn't mean for my post to read like a grinder profile
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# 4 : Tuesday 21-11-2017 @ 23:44
The message boards are for discussion, please try the personals and profile sections for meetups.
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